Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC)
History, Facts and Overview

(Anchorage, Alaska - AK, USA)

In 1948, the regional congress decided to approve the proposal to build a new airport close to Anchorage and next to Lake Hood. After several years of combined planning and construction, Alaska was pleased to announce the opening of its latest airport in 1953. Anchorage Airport was an immediate success and was soon serving around 90% of the state's overall passenger traffic.

By 1960, Anchorage Airport was beginning to be known as the 'Air Crossroads of the World' and was being used for many international stopovers. At this stage, the main runway was lengthened to 3,200 metres / 10,500 feet and in 1966, the new Hexagon Terminal was built.

In 1977, the new traffic control tower opened, followed three years later by the North International Terminal. More recently in the year of 2000, the airport was renamed, becoming the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC).

Between the two terminals at the Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport, there are ATMs, along with a good selection of outlets for food and beverages. The main airport eateries include the Café Del Mundo, Chilli's Too, Cinnabon Humpys, McDonalds, Norton Sound Restaurant, Upper One, and the HMS Host Food Court. Some impressive duty-free shopping and other stores are also to be found onsite at the airport, such as Brookstone Stores, Hudson News and Gifts, InMotion Pictures (DVD rentals), Moosellanous, Mosquito Books, Sourdough Mercantile, and the David Green Travel Shop.

Anchorage Airport ANC

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